History Of The Mill

Sibsey Trader Windmill is one of the very few six-sailed mills still remaining in England. It was built in 1877 by Saundersons, millwrights of Louth. It was constructed in the typical Lincolnshire style.

The mill itself is not exceptionally tall and in fact stands only six floors high above ground and the height to the top of the mill's cap is a mere 74 feet 3 inches. However the slenderness of the tower combined with the flat landscape which surrounds the mill give the illusion that Sibsey is larger than it actually is. The slim central tower also makes the sails look enormous in comparison.

The mill worked until 1954 (although with only four sails in its later years) following which it was allowed to fall into disrepair. It has now been restored to full working order and today produces a wide range of organic flours which are for sale on site.